F1R57 P057!!!!!

So I finally got around to making a blog. One of my friends tells me that this is a big responsibility, because apparently people do not like it when the blog is not updated often enough. I will endeavor for that not to be the case with me.

So what do I do? I am the person who works on the design view portion of the HTML/Webforms designer in Visual Studio. Right now we are coding up a storm for the Whidbey release, and everybody is excited about how cool the new version will be. As time goes on I will be writing articles about new and existing features in our product, and how they compare with other products. I love hearing feedback from real users about our product. If you have a suggestion or a gripe, please tell me about it. I may not do exactly as you ask, but your input will help shape what direction we go in, and I do take the input seriously.