The button tag

One of the more interesting tags that I have seen is the <BUTTON> tag. Most people have never seen this, and when they see how whidbey lets you edit them like a normal container, the first instinct is to say "What is up with that?".

Well, these buttons can have content inside them. You can put an image or a table in them if you want to. And this lets you do cool things like this:

<TR><TD><IMG /></TD></TR>
<TR><TD>Button Text</TD></TR>

Isn't this cool? I like it. And rather than typing it out, in whidbey you can just click into an empty <BUTTON>, do insert -> table, and edit everything right there. And <BUTTON> is XHTML compliant, too.

Has anybody out there used these buttons much? What do people think of them?

P.S. This post was written using the Whidbey HTML designer.