Automatic Fix-It tool for KB968793 (Post UR installation changes)

Hi all,

The other day I installed UR6 on my box and hit this problem.
I found it annoying to go an modify my web.config myself. Also I remember many customers & partners hit this too. So.. I decided to create a tool to make it automatically.

Here is the interface:


How it works?

Well, the tool comes with an XML file containing the needed entries as specified in the KB.

There are 5 entries today in this file.

It offers two buttons, one for addition, one for removal and a status bar to notify the user about success/failure and the amount of entries modified.
Addition is safe and prevent any DUPLICATE problems. The tool compare the content of the Web.Config file and the content of the provided XML and perform a smart merge.
If entries are already there, the tool does nothing. If only one is needed, it will add this one, etc……

Same for removal, we will remove only the entries present in the provided XML.


  • Two buttons for addition or removal
  • Flexible tool (if one of the next CRM Update Rollup needs more authtypes, we can simply add them in the XML provided with the tool, no code change is required)
  • Safe :
    • it’s not possible to create duplicate entries when performing the addition. It’s not possible to remove un-wanted entries.
    • Before any action (add/remove) a backup file of the current web.config is created and restored In case of any exception.
  • More information button is redirecting you to the URL of the KB article.


Download from here, or go to the Download Page mentioned in the side column of this blog.


Unzip the content of the archive anywhere locally on the CRM Server and execute the tool.

Archive content:

  1. MissingAuthTypes.xml
  2. CrmKB968793FixIt.exe

It’s possible in the near future that this will be integrated as a fix-it tool within the related KB article.
We are also check in front of the developer responsible for creating the UR installers to see if we can integrate this.

Kind Regards

Benjamin LECOQ