My Next Adventure

After 8 years in Visual Studio engineering helping .NET developers build awesome software and learn from each other, I’ve decided to take a new role at Microsoft as Product Marketing Manager for .NET. I feel like this will be a huge challenge for me as a long time developer but a great opportunity to grow my career. Yes, I’m going to marketing. But I’ll still be working on my most loved platform that has really defined my career, .NET.

I love .NET so why not jump at the opportunity to get the world even more excited about it from a different perspective? As a community champion for .NET developers, this new role is more of an evolution of all the things I’ve been doing all along. Instead of me running around the world speaking, or writing, or doing videos, I’m going to enable others to be great. I’m going to scale. I’m going to be behind the scenes instead of the spotlight.

Thank you to all the amazing .NET developers out there who have loyally read this blog over the years. From language tips, to data and services, to Office development, to desktop to mobile to cloud. .NET has been there though it all. Now we’re on the verge of something really amazing. Something I never thought would happen. .NET on other OS platforms besides Windows. So many more developers! And development in the open has really transformed our engineering team into “community developers”. They aren’t just engineers but also social engineers. I’m so proud.

It’s time to try something new but still be close to developers and the platform I fell in love with 15 years ago. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing yet! I have a lot to learn for sure. But luckily I’m joining a fantastic developer marketing team that really knows their stuff.

Wish me luck!