Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio– Building Office 365 Android Apps with Xamarin

The Office 365 APIs allow you to easily integrate Office 365 services into your apps in a consistent way. You can access user data like calendars, documents and more using REST APIs and standard OAuth flows from any platform. The Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio make it super easy for developers to access the services via .NET or JavaScript client libraries. These tools are currently in preview.

Yesterday the team released a new preview! Download the latest version here: 

And read about the exciting new features here, including Windows Phone 8.1 support: Office 365 API tool for Visual Studio 2013 – summer update

I've been meeting up with team members building these tools and have been watchingthem progress through this preview period. In this interview I once again sit down with Chakkaradeep Chandran (Chaks), a Program Manager on this project. This time we talk about working with Xamarin in Visual Studio and building an Android app that connects to your Office 365 contacts.

Watch: Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio - Building Office 365 Android Apps with Xamarin

Also, there’s something funny if you watch to the end. We have an unexpected visitor walk into the interview which causes my “teacher face” to come out. Yes folks I do these interviews in conference rooms not professional studios so sometimes these things happen. What’s funny is the person that walks in on us works on Channel 9! Classic.

Have questions about the Office 365 API tools? Head to StackOverflow and tag your questions with [Office365] & [API]. Or connect with the team on the Office 365 Developer Network on Yammer.