Windows Media Photo Presentations this Month


Hello again,

I’ll be speaking about Windows Media Photo at a couple upcoming events this month. Here are the details.

On Tuesday, June 20th I’ll be speaking at WinHEC 2006 in Japan. My presentation will be in English, with live translation to Japanese. It’s session 4-5, starting at 4:40PM. This will basically be an encore of the presentation I gave at WinHEC 2006 in Seattle last month. Here’s the synopsis as published on the WinHEC website:

Windows Media Photo: A New Format for End-to-End Digital Imaging

Windows Vista introduces a rich new graphics architecture with support for image formats well beyond the limitations of 24-bit RGB. To take full advantage of these new features and capabilities, Microsoft is introducing a new image file format with numerous advanced features that provides key advantages over existing image formats. Windows Media Photo delivers leading lossy and lossless compression technology, excellent performance, and support for the widest variety of image formats, including high dynamic range photography and printer-specific color formats. It also provides powerful new features for progressive and region decoding and a variety of unique compressed domain operations. Windows Media Photo is the preferred image format for the XPS Document format.

This session provides an overview of the Windows Media Photo image file format, with specific information for implementing support in Windows applications, services, drivers, and devices. It also covers many of the new capabilities that are possible with the advanced features of Windows Media Photo.

Level:   300
Session Audience: Business Decision Maker, Driver Developer, Hardware Engineer, System Manufacturer

I’m on a whirlwind trip to Japan, just for this presentation. I will have some limited time available outside the conference. I you’re interested in scheduling a meeting, send me an email (via the link on the left) and we can see if it’s possible to arrange some time.

I’ll also be presenting a session on Windows Media Photo, with a focus on high dynamic range, wide gamut photo workflows and printing, at the Microsoft Pro Photo Summit, June 28-29th, here in Redmond. In addition to my presentation, I plan on attending the entire summit and I’m looking forward to lots of informal meetings and one-on-one discussions about high dynamic range, wide gamut workflows, wide gamut color management, and Windows Media Photo.

I don’t have too much scheduled for July (other than a couple weeks of vacation). I’ll be back in Japan in August, along with some other meeting plans that are still being finalized. I’ll share more info as we get closer.