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Discover the future of virtual retail and cloud manufacturing with E.L.S.E.


Founded in 2014, E.L.S.E. Corp (Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience) is an Italian startup developing a revolutionary, end-to-end, virtual retail platform for fashion designers and consumers. Designed to allow more brands and designers to improve their customer experience and easily sell customized, made-to-order products, E.L.S.E gives consumers a virtual platform to select, design, and configure their orders. Using 3D mirror technology, E.L.S.E inputs your sizing scans and style preferences and, with the use of holographic design and 3D printing, allows you to quickly design, manufacture, and ship the order.

E.L.S.E was inspired by the idea of bridging front-end retail processes with the cloud managed back-end process -- virtual fitting, smart manufacturing, order creation, etc. -- to create a better shopping experience for customers, says CEO and Co-Founder Andrey Golub. “Technology driven innovation and shifts in consumer behavior are pushing brands to create retail experiences that are more appealing, less time consuming, and more personalized. Personalization is really the driving influence and virtual retail or 'no stock retail', as I like to call it, gives consumers an unprecedented level of control in every step of the creative process.”

A Microsoft BizSpark member, E.L.S.E.’s infrastructure is built entirely on Azure and other Microsoft products and is easily integrated into any company’s IT solution. E.L.S.E.’s front-end solution is leveraging an Azure HoloLens module as a “Universal 3D product configurator” to aid in visualization and mass personalization. While the HoloLens module is still undergoing beta-testing, it will be available to high-end retailers within the next calendar year and Golub is convinced that the addition of 3D personalization is responsible for an increase in the company’s industry profile. E.L.S.E. also uses Virtual Machines and .NET to improve customization and the overall ‘visual virtual shopping experience’. The next goal for ELSE's tech team will be the migration of their backend solution -- HANA originally built using SAP and AWS -- to Azure. Golub is hopeful that this migration will simplify their IT environment, increase response times, and improve analytic processing.

Developing such a complex solution can be extremely difficult for a startup company with limited resources, continues Golub, which is why E.L.S.E. decided to join the BizSpark program. “BizSpark has absolutely helped us get to market sooner than we would’ve otherwise. The amount of tech support they have provided has been instrumental to our success.”

Experience the future of fashion with E.L.S.E.

Virtual Retail in Virtual Reality- a Virtual Boutique VR SDK 1.0 demo, powered by E.L.S.E. from ELSE Corp on Vimeo.


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