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Prevent, Diagnose, and recover from cyber-attacks with Comae Technologies

Comae is a cybersecurity start-up that is focused on developing malware detection and response platforms, primarily for small and medium sized enterprises. The company’s most recent creation is a state-of-the-art security platform that utilizes built-in driver and debugging capabilities to generate troubleshooting data that independently hunts for potential cybersecurity threats. Comae also correlates and analyzes threat data, helping security teams identify and address risks to their organization. The platform provides cloud-based memory forensics - enabling quick, comprehensive security tests.

According to Founder and CEO Matt Suiche, Comae was created to tackle emerging and unexplored security issues through reverse engineering. “In the case of a cyber-attack or security breach, the threat must be contained and handled in a way that limits damage. In the digital age companies routinely have to spend money to understand and address cybersecurity incidents. . The time and cost of doing this can be disastrous for small companies. Our platform assists organizations of any size to investigate breaches during the digital forensics and incident response process through memory forensics so that they can focus on what they do best.”

Comae has quickly achieved international recognition and the company’s utilities are used by a wide variety of clients across the globe, including government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Notably, the company manages a WannaCry sinkhole powered by Azure technologies and prevented more than 1 million infections to date to contain the malware.

Comae’s digital team has over a decade’s worth of experience and have assisted law enforcement agencies and organizations all over the world. This extensive experience led the team to seek out a technology stack that could provide the speed, efficiency, and security necessary to identify any potential cyber penetration. After scouring the market for the perfect platform, Comae decided that the Azure stack would best facilitate their vision.

Comae’s platform leverages a variety of Azure features including Blob Storage, DocumentDB, Container Service, DNS, Load Balancer, Files Storage, Webjobs, Azure Functions, VMs with prebuilt Windows and Linux Docker Containers, Application Insights, Container Registry, Search Index and Visual Studio.. Visual Studio is perhaps the most important, and is used to compile the driver and user toolkit that is essential to protecting against digital attacks. Suiche says his organization has been pleased with the results they have seen since making the switch to Azure and is planning to explore additional features as they expand their services. “Azure has been very helpful in the development of our platform and has led to us receiving a great deal of interest from a wide variety of organizations. We are looking forward to incorporating more Azure features, particularly Machine Learning as we continue to evolve.”


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