Don’t waste time with repetitive coding, build backend apps fast with Hasura

Based in India, Hasura is a core tech company focused on developing applications that streamline product development and make it easier for businesses to inexpensively produce their own applications. The company’s namesake service is a developer platform that helps you build and deploy backend applications fast, while still ensuring they are robust, flexible, and scalable. The platform also provides you with a variety of developer tools for data, authentication, and file handling that can be configured and deployed without writing any code – saving you valuable time and financial resources. Plus, Hasura provides you with ready-made APIs to facilitate rapid development and delivers native SDKs that are automatically generated and can be used to customize your APIs in any way you desire – helping you can complete basic app development in under 10 minutes.

“The idea behind Hasura was to make app development easy for coders of any skill set, with any budget” says Hausra CEO Rajoshi Ghosh, “We want to help companies efficiently solve their backend development problems, so that they can focus on other tasks. We are focused on people who are developing apps and enterprises and are passionate about helping keep up with the constantly evolving world of technology. Updates in coding now hit so fast it is vital that budding entrepreneurs have someone to assist them.”

Although Hasura is a relatively new startup – launched in 2015 – it has already received widespread recognition in its native India. The company was recently named one of the Top 30 technology startups in India by YourStory (India’s largest platform for startups and entrepreneurs), was voted a top new product by ProductHunt, and has been featured in a wide range of press including a recent spotlight in HackerNews. Hasura has been very pleased with its success and has even parlayed its notoriety into a wildly successful online teaching program, wherein the Hasura team uses their platform to instruct budding programmers on the finer points of application building and deployment. Hasura’s classes are relatively new, but already boast an impressive student-base of over 50,000 students.

Hasura’s development team has decades of collective experience and have spent their careers coding on a variety developer platforms. Their vast experience working with different platforms enabled them to pinpoint their project needs and determine that the Azure stack would best deliver their ideal application. In addition to leveraging Azure for hosting capabilities, Hasura also utilizes Azure to improve the agility and scalability of their platform. The company also uses Azure to facilitate its production workload, which mainly runs as Linux VM’s, and enables them to provide their customers with easy-to-use trial projects.

In addition to its tools and hosting service, Azure’s ability to seamlessly incorporate a robust library of open source materials made the decision to leverage Microsoft technologies a no brainer, Ghosh says. Hasura depends on Linux VM’s for production, Container Linux as a base operating system, Kubernetes to manage Docker, and RKT container to deploy the overall platform, in addition to many other open source materials. Ghosh says the team has been very happy with the functionality of Azure and its ability to incorporate resources without negatively impacting runtime. “Everything has run smoothly and the Azure stack has been able to handle anything we have thrown its way. Plus, we are able to scale on the fly so that we can make quick adjustments without suffering any downtime or ill effects. It has been a great platform, both for us and our customers.”


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