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BizTalk Server 2016 CTP1 - Dynamic send ports now support ordered delivery

The first new feature for BizTalk Server 2016 CTP1 we'll showcase here is the ability to now set ordered delivery on Dynamic Send Ports. This has always been a limitation for dynamic sends which we've now removed - thanks to everyone who asked us for this feature. As you can see from the screenshot below, we've added the same options as static send ports.

[caption id="attachment_3673" align="alignnone" width="300"]Dynamic Ordered Send Dynamic Ordered Send[/caption]

What this means is that you able to now set the outbound transport details dynamically (e.g. the adapter to use) and still get ordered delivery. The same rules as for static send ports still apply though, which are that ordering is only preserved for those adapters that guarantee ordered delivery such as MSMQ (e.g. WCF-NetMsmq) or IBM WebSphere MQ.

You are also able to ensure that ordering is preserved in the event of failures by having the send port automatically stop so the issue can be dealt with and then re-enabled. The messages will be suspended allowing you to resume them later once the problem is resolved.

For a refresher on BizTalk Ordered delivery see here.