A Great Time at Developer Academy 4 In Israel

I had a great time today at Developer Academy 4.  It was in a beautiful part of Tel Aviv.  The weather was great and the food fantastic.  They had well over 1,000 paid attendees, so the house was PACKED.   Dev Academy’s page on Facebook.  Including some pictures of me. 

I was very impressed with the high tech community in Israel.  Clearly Israel is a hub of hightech.

I did a demo in the keynote where I showed off a few of the cool new features in Silverlight 4. 



You can watch the Israel Developer Academy keynote  and my breakout session on RIA Services:  

Then I demoed the Silverlight PhotoBooth app to show Webcam support and raw video\image editing capabilities. 


Then I showed the HtmlPuzzle application to show off out of browser support and deep integration with HTML as well has flash video


Then I demoed the Silverlight text editor, showing off rich text experiences, printing, right click, etc. 


Finally, i ended with showing the Silverlight business application localized to Hebrew with RTL support and some basic RIA Services demo.  See my blog post for more information: Silverlight 4 + RIA Services - Ready for Business: Localizing Business Application


I had a great time at Dev Academy 4 and I am looking forward to seeing more of Israel!