Belgium Visual Studio User’s Group: 10 Years of Framework Design Guidelines

I had a great time at the the Belgium Visual Studio User’s Group meeting.  The turn out was excellent.  Thanks especially to Gill Cleeren  and Pieter Gheysens for hosting it. 


Gill asked me to talk about Framework Design Guidelines – I subject near and dear to my heart.   I decided to do a bit of a look back over the last 10 years of framework design (we started  what would later become the CLR about 10 years ago)..    It is really fun to look at what has changed and what has not.   



Thanks to the great folks at Addison-Wesley i was able to give away a few copies of the book as well.



Afterwards, we got to talking about how this stuff is actually the easy part of framework design.  What is really hard is the social aspects.  How do you get management bought into spending time on building shared components?  how do you measure ROI in this space?    Do investments in well designed, common frameworks pay off?   What do you think?  any positive or negative experiences? 


Download the slide deck.  I am told there is a video as well… I will post a link when I get it.


Anyway, here is the deck, enjoy.  As I told someone at the event, plagiarism is the highest form of flattery.