Portugal ReMix Silverlight 3 and .NET RIA Services

 ReMix in Lisbon, Portugal was a fabulous was to end my ReMix tour.  They keynote (as much as I could understand of it) was a lot of fun.  They did the Developer\designer egg shtick, but with a real egg!

imageMy this point, I have really hit my stride with the the Silverlight 3 overview I used a this Silverlight 3 deck and did some fun demos:

In the next session, I did was on .NET RIA Services..  You can find the demo I did https://bit.ly/4tmJA3 and the full series.  Here is the diagram we used to walk through the options..


Well.. it is a bit sad to be ending my European Tour, but I have had  a great time and learned a lot from the great people I meet along the way.