The new app platform from a developer perspective

On Monday, I posted on the Office Next blog about the experience from an end user perspective around apps for Office and SharePoint. Yesterday, I posted about it from the developer point of view. Tomorrow, I'll post from the IT/administrator point of view. Ultimately there are really three customers of this new model, and it's important to talk about it from all three points of view.

  • We had to make sure that the model was isolated so that end users could try out dozens of apps without degrading their overall experience. 
  • We had to make it so that developers could leverage their existing skills and easily connect to other existing services when building their apps. 
  • And we had to make sure administrators had the ability to easily push apps out to their users, and keep the overall system healthy and up to date.

If you are a developer, be sure to take a read through the post, and definitely check out