2012 Core Survival Guide

I like many of you keep notes to remember all the command line tools. In the past I would develop an OneNote document to keep my notes in. This time I am going to share my 2012 Core Survival Guide with you. I am doing this because my customers are planning to deploy Windows 2012 Server with the core interface.  I need to be ready to support them when the time arises.  I hope you can benefit from this guide too.

In order to stay focused here, this is the scenario I am using:

You are a server administrator with a Windows Server 2012 deployed with only the core interface. You cannot Remote Desktop, Remote PowerShell, or ping the box. You still have access to the console by walking up to it.

So I plan to come up with a list of tasks needed to get the server back in production.

As I develop this survival guide I am going to make some assumptions:

  • If you have remote access to the box you would use a GUI to manager it
  • Tasks should be easy to type in or copy - 1 line commands
  • I plan to use PowerShell whenever possible
  • This is because it is the way of the future
  • You do not have to be a programmer
  • You do not have to know PowerShell
  • Each task should be easy to change for your environment
  • For example if I use IP address you can change it to your IP address
  • There may be other ways to complete the tasks. Please share your ideas in the comments
  • This guide is not intended to teach you PowerShell. Although you might learn some of it.
  • The intent is to develop easy to follow examples
  • I am only testing these command on Windows Server 2012
  • Level 1 ops teams should be able to use the guide with little instruction

So far this is my list of tasks for the 2012 Core Survival Guide. I plan to blog about these over the next weeks and months. I hope to knock out several of these a week. As I blog them I will update the links below.

If you feel that I might have missed a task that fits the scenario please leave me a comment and I will see what I can do to add it to the list.