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Increase WMI Quota properties to maximum values

WMI related performance issues may arise due to extensive usage of WMI components. You can increase the value of following properties to its maximum. Restart may be required after applying the following settings.

  • Run cmd.exe as admin
  • Type wbemtest.exe and run
  • Click Connect.
  • In the namespace text box type "root" (without quotes).
  • Click Connect.
  • Click Enum Instances…
  • In the Class Info dialog box enter Superclass Name as " __ProviderHostQuotaConfiguration" (without quotes) and press OK. Note: the Superclass name includes a double underscore at the front.
  • In the Query Result window, double-click " __ProviderHostQuotaConfiguration=@ ")
  • Set the following values for these properties. Don't forget to Save Property after setting each value of the property.

MemoryPerHost 1073741824 (1GB)
HandlesPerHost 8192

  • Save Object