Dynamics AX Workflow Processor Demo Shortcut

If you work with Dynamics AX, you are probably familiar with the Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor form. Many processes are driven by the workflow engine within Dynamics AX and in a production system, workflow tasks are executed by the"Workflow messaging processing" batch job. However, the minimum recurrence interval supported by the AX batch job infrastructure is 1 minute. If you are doing a demonstration, this means you could wait up to a minute for a workflow to complete. Fortunately, you can open the Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor form that ships with AX from the AOT to speed up the process. In the past, I kept a development workspace open to launch this form. This week, someone gave me a tip to make it easier to access this form.

First, open the development environment and add a new node under AOT\Menu Items\Display. Set the Label property to "Workflow processor" and the Object property to "Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor". Now go to AOT\Menus\GlobalToolsMenu. Add a new Menu Item and set the MenuItemName property to "Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor" (the one you just created). Now, you have easy access to the form everywhere in AX via File > Tools > Workflow processor.