Fix your forms to paint borders correctly under Vista Aero

Apparently, the borders of some forms don’t get painted correctly on Windows Vista.

When executing a Fox Form, Fox asks Windows to create a window, then sets the BorderStyle of the window. Apparently, under Vista Aero (except as Administrator), the BorderStyle cannot be set after the Window has been created.

To reproduce the problem, start Visual FoxPro (I tried back to VFP7 (released summer 2001))

  • File->New->Form
  • In the property sheet, dbl-click BorderStyle to change it to 1 or 2
    • 0 = No border ( no problem, because there are no borders to draw)
    • 1 = Fixed Single
    • 2 = Fixed Dialog
    • 3 = Sizable (Default) (no problem, because it’s the default)
  • Hit Ctrl-E or click on the “!” in the toolbar to run the form. Give it a name
  • Move the form around so that the borders or title bar will need to be repainted
  • Result: The window behaves as if there is no border: it won’t get repainted.

Amazingly enough, run under Admin mode, and you’ll see the problem disappear. Perhaps a non-admin app changing the BorderStyle might be a security risk: An app might be able to grab a window handle from another process and impersonate a Credentials screen or something.

When Fox runs a form, it reads the Properties and sets them in the order encountered. For a Form, the “DoCreate” pseudo property means to create the window. The BorderStyle happens to be written after the DoCreate, so the BorderStyle setting is ignored

The properties look like this before the fix:

Top = 0

Left = 0

Height = 250

Width = 375

DoCreate = .T.

BorderStyle = 1

Caption = "Form1"

Name = "Form1"


So your choices are:

  • Open the Form as a table (It really is just a table) and manually put BorderStyle before DoCreate.
  • Run the program below that fixes your SCX files by putting the BorderStyle property before the DoCreate
  • Convert your SCX forms to VCX (Visual Classes), where the BorderStyle is set at window creation time. (Just choose File->Save As Class from the Form designer)
  • Wait for the next release of VFP SP
  • Run Vista without Aero
  • Run your app as Admin

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Program starts below (and works in VFP7 too)



FixDir(CURDIR()) && Call recursive program with current directory

*Recursive program to fix all forms found in cPath and subdirectories

* Fix Vista Aero Border painting by changinge DoCreate and BorderStyle order

PROCEDURE FixDir(cPath) && Fix all forms in directory cPath and subdirectories

LOCAL n,aFiles[1],cPath,i,j,cTemp,nBorderStyle,nDoCreate,aProps[1],nLines,nIndex

n=ADIR(aFiles,cPath+"*.scx") && look in current dir for all form files (.SCX)

FOR i = 1 TO n


USE (cPath+aFiles[i,1]) ALIAS SCX && open the form as a table

SCAN FOR !EMPTY(Properties) AND ATC("DoCreate",Properties)>0 && locate the Properties


nLines = ALINES(aProps,Properties) && Create an array of all the lines in the Properties



FOR j = 1 TO nLines && Loop through and record the array indices of DoCreate and BorderStyle



CASE ATC("DoCreate",aProps[j])>0


CASE ATC("BorderStyle",aProps[j])>0




IF nDoCreate > 0 AND nDoCreate < nBorderStyle && If DoCreate precedes BorderStyle, insert BorderStyle before


FOR nIndex = 1 TO nLines && now emit the properties in the desired order


CASE nIndex = nDoCreate



CASE nIndex = nBorderStyle

* do nothing: already added





REPLACE Properties WITH cTemp && and update




USE IN SCX && close the file


n=ADIR(aFiles,cPath+"*.*","D") && Get any subdirs

FOR i = 1 TO n

IF ATC("D",aFiles[i,5])>0 AND aFiles[i,1] != "."

FixDir(cPath+aFiles[i,1]+"\") && recur




</end of program>