ALM vNext Announced at TechEd

We just finished announcing all the great new stuff that will be coming in the next version of Visual Studio, specifically talking about the Application Lifecycle Management features that you can expect in that release.

Please check out Jason Zander’s blog post about the announcements, and be sure to read this white paper. The white paper goes into quite a bit of information about many of the new features we announced yesterday, such as the new Unit Testing work, the new Storyboarding assistant designed to help manage lightweight requirements, Code Clone analysis, and so on.

It was a blast to demonstrate many of these features during the TechEd keynote with Jason, and it was even better to present at the ALM Futures foundational session immediately following the keynote, to go into a bit more detail and show a few other items we didn’t have time to get to in the keynote.

Exciting times!