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Upgrading Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile with Microsoft Intune and SCCM

So you want to upgrade your Windows Phone 8.1 fleet to Windows 10? If you are using Intune Hybrid (SCCM as your Mobile Device Management Authority), this guide is for you. If you are using Intune standalone mode, use this one.

Intune Hybrid

1. Open the Configuration Manager Console

2. Create a new Configuration Item  (Assets and Compliance > Compliance Settings > Configuration Items)



3. Under General, Create a name for your Configuration Item, and choose Windows Phone, then click Next sccm2

4. Under Supported Platforms, select All Windows Phone 8.1 sccm3

5. In Device Settings, Click the checkbox "Configure Additional settings that are not in the default setting groups" sccm4

6. Click Add, then Create Setting sccm5

7. In the Create Setting screen, enter the following information, the click Apply


Name: Enterprise Upgrade

Description: Enterprise Upgrade (or something descriptive)

OMA-URI: ./Vendor/MSFT/Registry/HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Provisioning/OMADM/EnterpriseUpgrade

Data Type: String



8. Locate your EnterpriseUpgrade setting and click select sccm7  

9.  On the Create Rule page, enter in a rule name and description. Importantly, enter the value (as below) and select Remediate noncompliant rules when supported


Value: d369c9b6-2379-466d-9162-afc53361e3c2



10. Review the configured settings, and select Summary sccm9


11. Select Close sccm10

12. Now Navigate to Configuration Baselines, then Create Configuration Baseline sccm11


13. Enter a Baseline Name and Description, and select Add>Configuration Items.   On the Add Configuration Items window, select the CI that was created in previous steps, then click Add and Ok. sccm12


14. Now that the baseline is created, it just needs to be deployed. Select the baseline, then click Deploy. Select Remediate noncompliant rules when supported and Allow remediation outside the maintenance window. Click Browse, Then select a device or user collection



15. Check the deployment progress under Monitoring>Deployments. Make sure you allow some time for the Configuration to be deployed to intune, and the phones to update policy (This can take up to 8 hours for Windows Phones that have enrolled already).



16. Users will receive a notification that an update is ready to install and will be required to take action.



  • Make sure your phones are capable of running Windows 10. The list of supported devices is here or you can install the Upgrade Advisor App on a test phone to determine if an upgrade will be possible
  • Phones will need to be connected to WI-FI or mobile data
  • Phones should be sufficiently charged (above 50%)