Step-By-Step: Configuring Group Call Pickup in Skype for Business

This feature allows a user to take a call ringing on a phone of an employee by dialing a call pickup group number. This functionality is based on the application of call park.

The functionality of Group Call Pickup is not supported for the following scenarios:

  • Calls to a user's private line

  • Calls from a contact to whom was assigned the confidentiality level Family and friends

  • Video section of an audio / video call

  • Calls from a simultaneous ring

  • Calls delegation fashion

  • Calls from a response group

The following users can not benefit from the functionality Group Call Pickup:

  • Users who like hosting infrastructure Skype Online in a hybrid mode
  • Users in an environment on the site other than Skype for Business 2015 or Lync Server 2013 with the update of February 2013

Originally, the functionality of the configuration "Group Call Pickup" required the use of SEFAUtil tool.

Since the update 6.0.9319.102 as of November 2015, the configuration is now possible with Skype for Business PowerShell directly by the addition of the following:

  • New CsGroupPickupUserOrbit: To associate an interception number has a Skype voice activated
  • Get-CsGroupPickupUserOrbit: Provides a user pickup number
  • Set-CsGroupPickupUserOrbit: Change a user's interception number
  • Remove-CsGroupPickupUserOrbit: Delete the association of the interception with the user number

The link describes the update is available here:

The configuration steps are summarized below.

Step 1: Configure number range interceptions

The configuration of the call pickup number ranges are exclusively in PowerShell, these are not available in Lync Server Control Panel.

The command is:

New CsCallParkOrbit -Identity "Montreal Call Pickup" -NumberRangeStart * 300 * 400 -NumberRangeEnd -CallParkService "Service: ApplicationServer:" -Type GroupPickup



Step 2: Associate an interception number to a user

The following command to associate a number intercept a user. The same number can be associated with several different users.

New CsGroupPickupUserOrbit -User sip: -Orbit "* 300"


New CsGroupPickupUserOrbit "jack" -Orbit "* 300"