Step-By-Step: Enabling Windows 10 Authentication Via Azure AD Join

Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory offering ushers in a new enablement of authentication.  Authenticating against a synchronized or federated on premise Active Directory deployment becomes that much more easier to enable with devices running Windows 10 as authentication occurs directly and without third party software.

Some of the major capabilities introduced by windows 10 to align with Azure AD are detailed in the following video:


This Step-By-Step will walk through steps to setup a Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise loaded hardware to authenticate against Azure AD.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Log in to the Windows 10 PC and navigate to Start > Settings adjoin2

  2. Select System in the Settings panel


  3. In the System screen select About > Join Azure AD


  4. Click Next to start the process


  5. Type the required Azure AD user name / password and select Sign In


  6. New accounts will be asked to set a password. Enter as required and click Sign In to continue


  7. Click Join to continue once Windows 10 provides confirmation of account and organization info


  8. Click Finish to complete the Azure AD join process


Lets now try to log in with Azure AD Join now that authentication is enabled


Success!  The ask to setup Multi-Factor Authentication will appear at this point if it is enabled.


Azure portal will also display the registered device displayed under the corresponding user.