IIS Manager Online Help Link gets updated

While using IIS Manager, did you ever wondered what configuration section is this UI changing? Is there a way I could automate this using scripts or command line?

Well, if you use IIS Manager 7.0 you might have noticed that we have a link in every page called Online Help, and if you've ever clicked it you would have noticed that it takes you to the IIS 7 Operations Guide, however you might ask yourself if it was that important to place that in every page, and the answer was that we had other reasons to add it there.

Back then when we were designing the UI we realized we wanted to provide the best content we could have for each page and potentially be able to update it as more content was available, for that reason we added this link there. However, the content was not ready at the time and instead we pointed it to our operations guide.

But the good news is that we are updating those links to point to their respective entry in the Configuration Reference that was recently published. This means now that in any page in IIS Manager, if you click the Online Help we will point you to the configuration section that this UI would change which will give you details about how the section look like, ways to change it using Scripts, AppCmd, etc.

Online Help

An interesting thing, this new routing mechanism is brought to you by our very own URL Rewrite module and a simple Rewrite Map as well as a couple of rules. If you haven't looked into it, you should definitely download it and give it a try, you'll soon realize that there are so many things you can do without writing any code that you'll love it.