Information Design for MOSS


I was reading today Stephen P. Anderson's book and then I realized that Information Architecture is to Findability what Information Design is to Understandability.

We focus on the type of information we present to the user, in order to be completely relevant, but I do not really see focus on innovative/automatic ways to "communicate ideas, illustrate information or express relationships".

Microsoft, Yahoo or Google, as many start-ups work to improve this areas. There were shortcuts, alternate views, or browsing experiences and many more; but I would like to see Search Land to include this concept in depth.

Imagine a future search product that based on the user question shows, depending on the type of information, knowledge of the user, and relevant information; different type of representation in order to maximize the interaction with him/her.

Would it be possible to build a PoC based on (MOSS/FAST) to manage that?

How would it look like?