Bizspark Startup Chats: Ep 1: Support System for Startups in Canada

Welcome to BizSpark Startup Chats!

This is a new series to discuss anything and everything with startups. Through this platform we will invite some of the biggest influencers and startups in the ecosystem to share their insights and experience for the benefit of everyone in the startup space.  

For our inaugural episode we have invited Nathan Monk, Sr. Strategist at MaRS Discovery District, who shares his vast experiences in working in the startup community in Canada.  During this episode we talk in depth about the kind of support systems that exist for startups in their various stages of development.  With government support, private sector participants (like Microsoft), startup alumni, and many other startup ecosystem participants we discuss how these various entities play a critical role in supporting Canada's startup community now and in the future.  Nathan provides very useful insights through his experience in the ecosystem relevant to all startups in all stages.

Here are some links to the funding programs and startup community resources that Nathan was referring too.

As mentioned, this is the inaugural episode. We hope that this will be useful for you - so please let us know if this was insightful and what else you would like to see on this platform either through the comments below or @AdarshaDatta