Greetings, Canadian Developers!

Welcome to the Canadian Developers blog. Spanning the Great White North from coast to coast to coast, this blog represents a new conversation between MSDN Canada and the development community at large. Our goal is simple; to provide news and information that is relevant to Canadian developers. This includes highlights from user groups, information about MSDN events, posts from bloggers in the community, the occasional NHL recap, and a ton of other stuff.

To help bring this information to you, we have brought together three geeks from MSDN Canada:

Dan Sellers

Aliases: "Worf", "Brute Force", and "That Guy Who Understands Security"
Achievements: Grokked System.Security in One Night, Knows What The Word "Hash" Really Means
Last Known Whereabouts:

Dan Sellers is a .NET Developer Security Specialist with Microsoft Canada and has been with Microsoft for over six years. Dan first started his career at Microsoft as a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services. Over the last four years, Dan has been working extensively with .NET and SQL Server. Dan specializes in Security from a developer perspective.

Jerome Carron

Aliases: "Web Dude", "Mr. Windows Workflow" and "Me Loves My Media Center"
Achievements: Met William Shatner in Person, Beat Best Friend's High Score in "Burgertime"
Last Known Whereabouts:

Jerome is a Senior Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Canada and has been with Microsoft for nine years. He spent the last six years with Microsoft Consulting services helping customers with large enterprise application development, implementation and integration. Prior to that Jerome spent three years as a Systems Engineer in the enterprise space, which he joined after four years with Oracle.

John Bristowe

Aliases: "The Plumber", "Sans [Xbox] 360", and "Dr. Jazz Hands"
Achievements: 32nd Level Wizard in Dungeons & Dragons, Figured Out How to RecordĀ a Podcast
Last Known Whereabouts:

John Bristowe is a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft Canada based in Calgary, Alberta. (Go Flames!) John is an experienced speaker and frequently presents Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) events across Canada. Prior to joining Microsoft, John was a member of the Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) programs.