On a Cloud: Software Quality

Simply Testing Software

When teams form to release software, they have to determine what level of testing is going to be done; and how it is going to be done. If I boil down what I have learned over the years is that you really need to cherry-pick the type of testing.

I recommend taking the easiest cheapest types of testing you can; build a high percentage in that area before moving up the stack. This helps to ensure that you have quality tests that are repeatable, without being a burden to the team.

Bug Fix Priorities

One thing that I have seen far to often is when a bug is discovered in production an entire team will run around trying to fix it. This can lead to additional issues, like miss communication or even the release of fixes that don't address the original issue.

I recommend to all people developing software to determine what types of issues are so important that they require immediate attention. Without this in place, it becomes very confusing to people who are genuinely trying to release great software. The more simple the better, and you will be able to focus on what a critical bug is; fix it; and then ensure that type of bug never hits a production system again.

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