Anders Hejlsberg on LINQ and Functional Programming

In this video interview, Anders Hejlsberg, the chief architect of C#, describes features in the next release of C#, code named Orcas. Anders first describes how LINQ solves the impedance mismatch between the code that lives on a database server and the code we write with standard programming languages such as C# or VB. He then outlines the new capabilities that functional programming will bring to developers.

Anders has been involved in several other big changes in programming style. He helped to create the modern IDE, helped bring object oriented programming to the main stream, helped establish visual programming, and with C# he helped move people to managed code. He is now involved in a similar evolutionary change in programming styles, as we learn to mix imperative and functional programming styles. 

In this interview Anders explains, in terms that all programmers can understand, why LINQ and functional programming will change the way we develop applications. As Anders sometimes says, functional programming allows developers to describe what they want to do, rather than forcing them to describe how they want to do it. If you are interested in LINQ, lambdas, expression trees, deferred execution, composability, functional programming or concurrency, then you should watch this interview.

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