New Article on Detecting Memory Leaks . NET Applications

MSDN has published an excellent article by Fabrice Marguerie entitled “How to Detect and Avoid Memory and Resource Leaks in .NET Applications.” In the article, the author explains how memory leaks are introduced into .NET applications, and what you can do to discover and eliminate them. The code shown in the article is in C#, but the topics covered will likely be useful to a broad range of .NET developers.


Figure 1: Fabrice Marguerie is a Microsoft MVP, French Software Architect and Web Entrepreneur with an in-depth understanding of .NET technology.

Fabrice explains his subject in great depth, providing information that will be useful both to advanced developers, and to those with an intermediate-level understanding of .NET development. Features included in the text include:

  • An explanation of how memory and resource leaks occur in .NET application
  • A demonstration of how to detect those leaks
  • A list of common causes of memory leaks and how to avoid them
  • A useful reference section listing a number of tools that can be used to help you find and manage leaks

This is a well written article with a wealth of information in it. Hurry on over to the Dev Center and take a look.


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