Custom Property Quirk in SaveAsWeb

One of our keen partners from the UK pointed out a slight quirk with the SaveAsWeb feature. Suppose you have a shape with a numeric custom property. If you give 0 as the value and save the drawing as a web page, the custom property pane in the browser displays a blank value. If you specify any other number, then it displays the correct custom property value. In the full Visio client, it shows 0 as expected. Where'd the 0 go in the web page version?

Who knows? But, here's a quick fix:

  1. Open up the ShapeSheet of your shape.
  2. Go to the Custom Properties section and find the Format cell of your custom property.
  3. Give the following formula: IF(Prop.Duration=0,0,"#.####")

Note: Replace "Duration" with your own custom property's name.

Basically, if the value is 0, then it uses the "whole number" format (0). This makes the zero show up in the browser somehow. If it is some other value, then it uses the "general" format ("#.####"). Voila!



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