Free Windows PowerShell workbook: server administration

imageAnnounced a while ago, now finally released: the second free Windows PowerShell booklet is available for download. This time I focus on server administration with Windows PowerShell, from a simple hierarchal storage management solution to user administration in the Active Directory. And I won't miss examples about event logs, SQL databases, WMI or .NET. And of course, Peedy cannot be missed. I round up the book with plenty of partner extensions, most of them free, to make your life as an administrator as easy as possible. And in case you haven't figured out why you should take care about Windows PowerShell: it's now a feature in Windows Server 2008 which can easily be activated and which helps to manage your server much easier than with WSH or CMD, if it's IIS or any other role you look at. So give it a try or dig deeper with this free booklet. The download includes both workshops from me with all the documentation, demo files and script examples and you will get it here for free.

Update: the download includes several test files. Though they might look private, they are all fake. So don't worry. From all the files, only less than 5 are usefull. If you are curious, take a look and search for them...

And just in case you are interested in the original version in German, it's available as a free download here.