OneNote PowerToys contest update

Many people have been asking me about the PowerToys contest. We got over 1000 submissions, which was a little overwhelming and quite a bit more than we expected. We went through them all and selected 12 semi-finalists who we contacted. We have now received their PowerToys and are evaluating them. Evaluating a PowerToy is not like judging the best costume at a party though. We actually have to use the tool and explore how it works, determine its quality, etc. And of course we have our "real jobs" to do so this is going to take a little while. We'll have a winner in a few weeks and then after the requisite hoops of legal fire have been leapt through we can post the winners (and hopefully all the semi-finalists).

If you weren't contacted about your submission, you didn’t make it to the semi-finals. Sorry. But please feel free to post your PowerToy on your own site and I'd be glad to link to it from here. Send me a mail with the link and please provide an explanation at the linked page of what the tool does and how to use it.

If you did make it to the semi-finals, congratulations!