Active vs Passive Mode Command Line FTP....

I recently received the following question from a customer (and I have received this many times over the years)....


Do you happen to know if the command line FTP program in Windows 2000 Server supports Active and Passive FTP or just Active FTP?


The command Line FTP client for Windows 2000 does not support passive mode. For that matter we don't support passive mode with the built-in FTP.EXE in any of our Windows OSes. You can enable passive mode in IE though.

IE7 --

Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced --> Locate "Use Passive FTP" in the "Browsing" section. Check this box.  You must also disable Folder View for browsing in IE for passive mode to function. Advanced --> Locate "Enable FTP Folder View". Uncheck this box.


Resources -

SlackSite - Good Definition of Active vs Passive

MOVEit Freely -- *FREE* Command line FTP utility that supports active/passive mode xfers

Microsoft KB Article 271078 -- Explains typical error you may see what attempting to use FTP and passive mode is required

Microsoft KB Article 323446 -- Microsoft article on configuring IE for Active/Passive Mode