Some Microsoft codenames

Like many other avid gamers, I was a little disappointed when the next console coming out from Nintendo codenamed "Revolution" was going to be marketed as the "Wii". Sure "weee" sounds like fun - but who wouldn't want to be part of the revolution?

Before I act too harshly on Nintendo for having a cooler codename than product name, here is a list of Microsoft codenames which would make for some pretty interesting products:


Bulletproof – Microsoft mail remote client

“The” Duke – Microsoft Xbox controller

Gandalf – Microsoft Encarta 93

Idaho – An early Windows prototype after XP (I’m from Idaho, so its cool :)

Nemesis – Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 7.0

Omega – An early version of Microsoft Access

Tarantula – Microsoft personal web server (IIS for Windows 95)

Thunder – Microsoft Visual Basic v1.0

Zamboni – Microsoft Visual C++ v4.1


In other news, May first (May day) we are going to begin new feature work on providing the Indigo design-time experience for Visual Studio! Stay tuned for details as they unfold.