Deploy Global File Sharing for Collaboration Using Microsoft Azure StorSimple and Talon CloudFAST™

By Meghan Liese, Senior Product Manager, StorSimple

Industry analysts estimate around 80% of an organization’s data is unstructured and growing at a rapid rate. Enterprises are looking to leverage the cloud to simplify IT infrastructure and scale IT to align with business needs while lowering costs related to storing, protecting and recovering their data.

Microsoft Azure StorSimple provides enterprises with a hybrid cloud storage solution that helps customers manage data growth by simplifying storage infrastructure and seamlessly scaling primary storage, data protection and disaster recovery using Microsoft Azure. Enterprises using the solution have been able to lower total storage costs by up to 80%.

As enterprises increasingly become geo-dispersed, it is a challenge for them to not only collaborate efficiently across a number of locations, but also ensure that the large amount of data generated on a daily basis is appropriately stored, protected, and recoverable.

Typically, they independently deploy infrastructure at each remote or branch office, to provide adequate local performance, but this burdens them with rising costs and complexity associated with data protection and disaster recovery across each location. The lack of data consolidation results in lost business productivity due to duplicate file versions, data loss/conflict, and file integrity issues.

A file sharing solution using StorSimple and Talon CloudFAST™ enables customers to scale their collaborative environment across the globe. CloudFAST exposes StorSimple hosted SMB file shares across numerous remote and branch offices while delivering real-time collaboration. Its global file locking technology guarantees data consistency, coherency and integrity. By caching local data and maintaining a single copy of primary data on StorSimple, the solution minimizes IT infrastructure required in remote/branch offices. StorSimple hybrid cloud storage provides integrated data protection for the file shares using cloud snapshots that are stored in Azure.

An illustrative topology of StorSimple and Talon CloudFAST is show below.




Check out the Microsoft webinar, How To Modernize Datacenter and Branch File Storage while Cutting Storage Costs by Up To 70% , to hear Michael Benjamin, Enterprise IT Program Manager at Cimpress (Vistaprint), discuss the path that lead them to implement StorSimple and Talon CloudFAST™ across their enterprise (the webinar is also available at

Talon recently announced preferential pricing for StorSimple customers through the Azure Marketplace in order to provide on-demand purchase and deployment of Talon CloudFAST for StorSimple. To get started with StorSimple hybrid cloud storage and Talon CloudFAST™ for your global collaboration needs, request a demo here.