PDC 08 & SharePoint

I am really looking forward to PDC this year.  There is an awesome lineup of very cool stuff being announced.  The best thing about PDC is it is all about developers and seriously cool geeky new stuff … and to top it off I will be presenting a session on SharePoint development! 

SharePoint 2007: Creating SharePoint Applications with Visual Studio 2008

We will be using some very cool yet to be announced Silverlight features integrated with SharePoint.

I did an end to end dry run of the session today and it is shaping up really well.

This is no marketing session.   Most of the session is about building a real application live on stage for 45mins.  Showing you how you can build apps on SharePoint easily and all from within Visual Studio.

If you want to meet up at the PDC fire me a comment via this Blog.  Surely there must be some SharePoint folks going to the PDC?  I know AC is going! (Hey AC … we should do a SharePint)

PS: finding the PDC web site was an enjoyable experience with Live Search…

Live Search backgrounds are super cool too … today's is stunning.  Dont be afraid if you think this will slow down your searching … it doesn't … its loaded async after the  rest of the page.



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