CodePlex integrates with Zapier

CodePlex is now able to send commit events to Zapier! If you haven’t played with Zapier before, we highly recommend checking it out. It is a web service that allows you to connect 200+ services on the web without writing any code. With the new CodePlex integration, you are now able to trigger actions on other web services by pushing code to your CodePlex project. This could be used to update a task tracker, remind yourself to perform a code review, or notify others of the commits. To get started with this integration, follow the instructions here.



In addition to the Zapier integration, the CodePlex team also added Twitter cards. Now, if you tweet a link to CodePlex or use the new CodePlex Twitter integration, the tweet will have a summary of the CodePlex page that it links to. For example, if the link is to the TypeScript project, it will look like:


Finally, in this release, we also added an enhancement to our existing Trello integration. Now, you are able to archive Trello cards directly from commit messages. If your commit message contains “Trello Archive #31”, Trello card #31 will have a summary of the commit added to it, and it will be archived as well.

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As always you can reach out to the CodePlex team on Twitter @codeplex or reach me directly @Rick_Marron.