Markdown in the Source Browser

CodePlex now supports markdown in the source browser! All files with a .md extension will be formatted as markdown. For more information on the markdown syntax that we support, check out our documentation.

In the source browser, relative links are also supported. To reference another file in your repository, you are able to use the following syntax:

  • To link to a file in the current folder: [link title](
  • To link to a file in a sub-folder: [link title](sub_folder/
  • To link to a file in a parent folder: [link title](../
  • To link to a file in the root folder: [link title](/

The relative links allow your documentation to make sense outside of the context of CodePlex.

In addition, we now support both Koka and Haskell syntax highlighting. Huge thanks to Daan for these contributions.

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As always you can reach out to the CodePlex team on Twitter @codeplex or reach me directly @Rick_Marron