Using Git with TFS projects

If you having been following the updates to CodePlex over the last several months you will have noticed that we added support for Git source control. It is important to the CodePlex team to enable developers to use the source control system that supports their development style whether it is distributed version control or centralized version control.

There are many projects on CodePlex that are using TFS centralized version control. But we continue to see more and more developers interested in using Git. Last week Brian Harry announced a new open source project called Git-TF. Git-TF is a client side bridge that enabled developer to use Git locally and push to a remote backed by Team Foundation version control. Git-TF also works great for TFS based projects on CodePlex.

You may already be familiar with git-tfs. Git-TFS is a similar client side bridge between Git and TFS. Git-TFS works great if you are on Windows since it depends on the TFS .Net client object model. Git-TF adds the ability to use a Git to TFS bridge on multiple platforms since it is written in Java. You can use it on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows, etc.

Since you are connecting to a TFS Server when using Git-TF make sure you use your CodePlex TFS account name: snd\YOUR_USERNAME_cp along with your password. At this point, you will need to be a member of the project to connect using Git-TF.


Git-TF Getting Started Guide

Download: Git-TF

Git-TF Source on CodePlex