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Intune MAM Without Enrollment

At Ignite Australia 2015, I was very proud to be one of the first publically demonstrating the Intune MAM without enrollment features, announced by Satya in November. The Intune MAM without enrollment features allow organizations to protect their Office apps on iOS and Android without the need to enroll their devices in Intune MDM. This means for customers who already have an MDM vendor, or don’t wish to manage their users devices via MDM, they can protect access to Office 365 and company data. This includes cut/copy/paste restrictions, preventing ‘save-as’, jailbreak detection, PIN requirements and the ability to remote wipe MAM protected data.


For more information, there’s some great Technet walkthroughs.

Configure data loss prevention app policies with Microsoft Intune

Get started with mobile app management policies in the Azure portal

Create and deploy mobile app management policies with Microsoft Intune

Monitor mobile app management policies with Microsoft Intune

Wipe managed company app data with Microsoft Intune

End-user experience for apps associated with Microsoft Intune mobile app management policies

At time of posting, the following Apps support MAM w/out enrollment.





Stay tuned for more and more apps being MAM enabled!

You can access the new Intune MAM console via the portal. You’ll need either Intune or EMS licenses available (and applied) to all of your users to enable these features.

Happy MAM-ing!

Matt Shadbolt