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Troubleshooting MSI Deployments over the MDM Channel

The ability to deploy Win32 MSI apps to MDM enrolled devices is becoming more popular and there is a lot of great information out their on how to deploy MSI payloads either through Intune Standalone or Intune Hybrid (ConfigMgr).

This post is aimed at assisting you in some troubleshooting steps when things go wrong.

For this example I will be deploying an Office 365 ProPlus MSI Installer created using the Office 365 ProPlus Install Tool which is available here O365MSI MSIDeploy

Issue 1: The MSI Application does not appear in the Company Portal

Common Cause: MSI deployment over MDM is only available to Windows 10+ CompanyPortal

Issue 2: The MSI Job is not created

Things to check:

Did the Mobile MSI Job get delivered to the Client?

Check the registry for the following keys:

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\EnterpriseDesktopManagement\S-0-0-00-0000000000-00000000000-00000000000-0000000000-00\MSI\<MSIProductID> (For Device targeted MSI Deployment)

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\EnterpriseDesktopManagement\<UserSID>\MSI\<MSIProductID> (For User targeted MSI Deployments)


Issue 3: The application never installs

Things to check:

  1. Check the Status and LastError registry values.
  2. Value definitions below
  • 70 = Successfully installed/uninstalled
  • 10 = Initialized
  • 20 = DownloadInProgress
  • 25 = PendingDownloadRetry
  • 30 = DownloadFailed
  • 40 = DownloadCompleted
  • 48 = PendingUserSession
  • 50 = EnforcementInProgress
  • 55 = PendingEnforcementRetry
  • 60 = EnforcementFailed
  • 70 = EnforcementCompleted

Issue 4: Download Failure

Check the status of the BITS Job

Run Bitsadmin /list /allusers Bitsadmin.2png

Run Bitsadmin /info <BITSJobID> /verbrose

Finally Check Logs

For Device targeted MSI deployments, logs will be written to %windows%\temp\<MSIProductID>.msi.log

For User targeted MSI Deployments, logs will be written to %temp%\MSIProductID.msi.log

Example: C:\users\Ian\AppData\Local\Temp\........


That is about it, so once you work through these items you should have successfully deployed your MSI payload over the MDM channel

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