How to add shortcuts to the Send To context menu item on Windows Server 2008

I find it extremely useful to be able to send files to NotePad from Windows Explorer, by right-clicking and choosing NotePad from the Send To menu.  (Especially because our system for building and testing code depends on "dirs", t[est]dirs", "sources" and "t[est]sources" files that don't have extensions.)  Of course, NotePad is not in the Send To menu by default.  This tip from 2002 tells one how to add items to the Send To menu, but the directions do not apply to Windows Server 2008, on which, (a) the Documents and Settings folder exists, but is not accessible, even to an administrator with User Account Proctection turned off, and (b) the Send To folder is to be found elsewhere.  On Windows Server 2008, if you want to add items to your Send To menu, you can find the Send To folder under C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows.  Note that the AppData folder is a hidden folder by default.