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We're moving to GitHub!

It’s official. We’re moving to GitHub!

We are moving the Roslyn OSS code from CodePlex to GitHub. GitHub has a vibrant open source community that we want to actively be a part of and contribute to. We are also going to take this time to modify our pull request process. Please see below for more details:

WHEN:   This upcoming Wednesday or Thursday, depending on whether we encounter any problems.

WHERE: Under the .NET Foundation. More details coming soon. HERE! (Edit: 1/16/15)

WHY: We are moving our code to GitHub as well as switching to use git internally. This means we will have fewer moving parts and will get us much closer to the same environment you’d be using on Roslyn code. It will be so worth it.

HOW: This will be a simple switch – turn off CodePlex, turn on GitHub. You’ll be able to see our check-ins on GitHub that same day.


  • Your pull requests may pile up for a couple of weeks because we are going to take the opportunity to also streamline our (currently very complex) pull request process. We’ll reopen in a couple weeks with a much easier process. (At this point, we’d advise holding off on any requests sent to CodePlex.)
  • We’ll be using GitHub Issues for both discussions and bugs after the switch.
  • We will try to move over outstanding bugs from CodePlex, but this is the trickier part of the plan.
  • We will do our best to preserve check-in history.

While we are excited about this move, we might experience some hiccups along the way. Thanks for your patience while we take this next big step!

Stay tuned for more information later this week.

Over 'n' out
Kasey Uhlenhuth, Program Manager, Managed Languages Team