Content from the VS11 ALM Roadshows (Irvine/San Diego)

Thank you all who attend the VS11 ALM Roadshows! They were a blast and very interactive.

Many of you asked for the the content so as promised, I posted the slide decks I used on a SkyDrive here.

Here are the direct links to the individual sessions:

  1. Continuous Delivery
  2. Closing the Loop on Agile and Quality
  3. Beyond Code – Increasing Developer Productivity

If you’d like download all the files, you can view the entire folder by clicking here.

VS 11

Answers to some follow-up topics:

VS 11 in a virtual environment - Many of you asked where you can find the bits or even a VHD to test out what you saw during the sessions for yourselves. The demos were performed on a publicly available VHD produced by Brian Keller. He wrote a great article on how to download the VHD and labs from his blog and use the pre-configured environment so you can kick the tires and run through the hands-on labs for VS 11/TFS 11 on your own.

Windows Azure Security – A couple of the attendees asked about are the Windows Azure security and compliance policies. We have one location that aggregates all this information for you a the Windows Azure Trust Center.

[Updated: 5/17/2012]
MS Build/Team Build – The topic of doing some advanced build definitions came up during the San Diego session. I recommend the following book: Inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build available at Amazon and

Thank you again for all who attended.