Visual Studio and ASP.NET UserVoice Forums

VS_Purp526_rgbDuring one of the SoCal VS 2012 Launch Roadshow events, one of the participants had asked how can they provide feedback to the Visual Studio team. Martin Hinshelwood, one of the presenters at the event mentioned that there is a way. It’s call the Visual Studio User Voice. It’s a forum that allows you to provide feedback to the Visual Studio product team about features you’d like to see in the product as well as way to feedback about the current product.

This is not a forum to report bugs. For that, you should always use the Visual Studio Connect site

If you have suggestions and ideas for ASP.NET, you can provide them at the ASP.NET User Voice forum.

The forums are pretty cool because the team provides feedback when they can, and you can see if the suggestion is “Under Review”, “Planned”, and other statuses.

With the Visual Studio development team’s release cycle is a lot more frequent than before (see Barry Harry’s article on TFS Shipping Cadence) and using the UserVoice forum, you can almost see how this provided direct feedback to the product owners so they can triage customer wishes and possibility get the feedback prioritized into a future release sooner than later.