Avalon CTP released -- Yes it runs on XP!

Like many many others I am also excited about the Avalon CTP release for a number of reasons:

  • It runs on Windows XP!  (I no longer need to boot into a separate partition to write samples for my (recently neglected) blog ;)
  • We have the beginnings of tool support!  The WinFX SDK installs templates for VS.NET for Avalon projects.
  • The have been numerous advancements across Avalon since WinHEC.

Up until this point only the very brave, installing Longhorn on a spare box and working entirely from the command line, have been able to provide us with feedback.  I am hopeful that the CTP release, while still a bit unpolished and clearly not final, will be accessible enough that we will begin to hear more from the community.

How do you get it?  It's available for download for MSDN subscribers (including Academic Alliance).