Building a Writeback Application with Analysis Services

Recently, I delivered a presentation at the 2012 PASS SQL Rally titled Building a Writeback Application with Analysis Services.  Based on feedback from that session, I’ve decided to address this topic in my blog, making this information accessible to a wider audience and allowing me to address various points in a bit more depth than the 1-hour presentation format allows.

There’s quite a bit of ground to cover here, so I won’t attempt to do this as a single blog post.  Instead, I’ll spread this over a series of entries, each covering a bite-sized chunk of the material.  I will address both cell writeback and dimension writeback, explain and demonstrate the interaction with Analysis Services, and provide code and database samples so you can try this at home.  As new entries to this series are added, I will update this page which will serve as a kind of table of contents to the series.  I hope this information is helpful and I look forward to your feedback.

  1. Understanding What-If Analysis
  2. A Simple Demonstration of What-If Analysis
  3. Sidebar: The Other What-If Analyses
  4. A Technical Review of the Simple Demonstration
  5. Building a Write-Enabled Cube
  6. Building a Custom Writeback Application
  7. Sidebar: The MS IT Pattern for Custom Writeback Applications
  8. Understanding Allocations
  9. Sidebar: Allocation across a Parent-Child Hierachy
  10. Introducing Dimension Writeback
  11. Writeback to a Parent-Child Dimension
  12. Writeback to a Regular Dimension
  13. Managing Writeback Cubes
  14. Writeback Sample Downloads