Large request upcoming support for Azure Logic App SAP Connector

I've completed the development work for the support of large requests in Azure Logic App SAP Connector. With this upcoming new feature, users will be able to send requests to SAP and the On-Premises Data Gateway via an Azure Storage Blob SAS URI like this:

Please note that the Blob itself and its SAS URI need to be generated prior to calling this SAP Connector Send API. Luckily, we have native Azure Storage Blob connector available to do this directly the Logic App.

Furthermore to make the contract explicit, an advanced parameter for Content-Type will be added:

The content type for sending requests via Blob should be set to text/uri-list:

In-line request payloads are supported up to 2.5 MB. For classic in-line XML payload, the content type should be set to application/xml:

However to preserve backward compatibility, the default assigned content type of text/plain will also be supported for either of classic in-line XML payload or the new request payload via storage blob SAS URI. I recommend setting the content type explicitly to avoid ambiguity in your requests.

Do note that the On-Premises Data Gateway will be updated in the future to include the matching SAP Adapter code to handle the new request format, download the request payload from the Azure Storage blob and forward the request to SAP. (This update is not available at the time this blob post is been written).