Logic App Integration Account Swagger with full examples on GitHub

Recently the REST API specifications for Logic App Integration Account was refresh at: https://github.com/Azure/azure-rest-api-specs/blob/master/arm-logic/2016-06-01/swagger/logic.json

This week full examples for the same have been published at:


For each resource in the Integration Account (partner, agreement, certificate, map, ...) and each operation (create/update, get, list, delete) the json files show you example response from the service, like this for a get operation on an instance of the partner resource:


               "metadata": {}

The Azure Documentation pages have been automatically updated with the same under /en-us/rest/api/logic/ (navigate to Integration Account resources with the left hand side vertical menu).

These are helpful references if you want to hit the REST APIs directly from your client, rather than use the .NET SDK or Azure PowerShell cmdlets.