Geek Australian, N.Z, UK .NET Comedy

Every now & then the politically correct world of Microsoft overlooks the cultural diversity of another nations gutter humour. 

Today I stumbled across one such example, it brought a slight smile to my face, the System.IO.Path.IsPathRooted Method.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t tell you if your path doesn’t exist nor if areas of your disk are corrupt.

This method has been there since .NET 1.0. Perhaps in a future .NET release we might see other handy methods added. eg: IsDiskRooted?, IsMyAppRooted?, IsMyComputerRooted?, IsMyDesignRooted? IsThisProjectTotallyRooted?

For those who aren’t following, see Urban Dictionary. No doubt you’ll then understand our wholehearted support for your suggestion to “root for the team”. But why we prefer to wait for half time, or at least a long advert break before doing so.